Automatic Transfer Switch

Gogopower’s new Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) range will be arriving this month and available to purchase in April.

At Gogopower, we are committed to looking after our customers. Changes to the design of our ATS have resulted in lower production costs whilst maintaining the same quality that Gogopower is known for. This means, Gogopower customers will receive products of the same quality at a reduced price.

With looks similar to an Australian industrial switchboard, the new ATS have an IP54 rating, making them suitable for outdoor installations. Many ATS options on the market do not have the flexibility of the Gogopower ATS and are restricted to indoor installations only.

Available in a variety of power ranges, the new Gogopower ATS is definitely something to keep in mind when considering a backup power solution. For more information, contact us on 1300 957 078.

How does an Automatic Transfer Switch work?

Commonly known as ATS, an Automatic Transfer Switch is a device that connects the diesel generator power to the load when the mains power/utility fails. When mains power/utility is live, the diesel generator sits idle whilst waiting for further instructions from the ATS.

How does an Automatic Transfer Switch work

An ATS is commonly used during emergency power is required from a diesel generator. All Gogopower ATS have a 2-wire remote connection, a simple mechanism that opens and closes the circuit with the diesel generator. When the mains power/utility failed, the ATS will open the circuit with the mains power/utility and close the circuit with the diesel generator, allowing for a quick transition between power supplies. Once the mains power/utility is restored, the ATS will do the opposite and open the circuit between the diesel generator and close the circuit with the mains power/utility.

All Gogopower diesel generator are equipped with 2-wire remote connection capability, allowing an ATS to be easily installed, providing an automated emergency power solution with little to no stress to the home or business owner.

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