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Diesel generators in this power range are suitable for mining sites, hospitals, nursing homes, hotels or any sites with a significant load requirement. These can be used as hybrid systems that will run on diesel when the power fails and can work as an emergency backup in case of another failure. Gogopower's 800 - 2500kva diesel generators provide an uninterrupted supply of electricity during any emergency. These generators will need to be appropriately maintained and require proper service and fuel to run efficiently. Gogopower also provides maintenance support from qualified and experienced technicians to prolong your purchase's life. Explore our full range below which includes popular 350kva, 550kva, 1000kva and 1100kva diesel generator models.

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gogopower | DT900P5S, 1000 KVA Diesel Generator 415V, 3 Phase: Powered by PowerLink

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gogopower | DT1000P5S, 1100 kVA Diesel Generator 415V, 3 Phase- Powered by PowerLink

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We've Got Your Back

Gogopower has got your back with backup power for any load size. While we often assume we won't need one, a generator is a great insurance blanket to have when running out of power is not an option. From patients on life support in hospitals to those working in dangerous conditions on mining sites, we know that emergency power is necessary for many people across Australia. That's why we've made our 312kva to 1250kva diesel generator range available nation-wide. You can shop our full selection here on our site and get in touch with an experienced staff member if you have any questions or want to speak about your specific requirements. Never leave power up to chance, ensure that you're well prepared with a sound generator. 

Serving Australia

Our products are available across the country. We offer a large selection of premium products for affordable prices. Whether you'd like to look into an LPG, diesel or natural gas generator, we've got the product you're looking for. With a full range of Potise generators, we have one of the largest and most comprehensive machine catalogues in the market. Operating since 2016, Gogopower has created a name for itself for our expansive product offering as well as our commitment to service. When you buy from us, you can trust that you're getting the best there is.

Need Maintenance Support?

Our fully trained team of technicians can help you with any support from delivery to installation to maintenance. When you purchase a generator from Gogopower, you also get a friendly team ready to assist you at a moment's notice. From refuelling questions through to servicing queries, we are prepared to walk you through the use of your new machine. This is one of our distinguishing features and a big reason why many of our customers have come back to us again and again. No matter where you are in the country, we are available to help. If you can't decide which of our 312kva to 1250kva generators is right for you, give us a call or chat with us here online. We'll help you figure out which model best suits your use and size requirements.

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