Portable Diesel Generators Arriving Soon

At Gogopower, we are excited to share with you that we’re adding portable diesel generator sets to our product range.

Over the last couple of years we have received numerous enquiries from individuals and small businesses looking for portable generators. These compact units are great options for backup power in food trucks, at events and various other applications that require power but where space is limited. 

Gogopower’s range of portable generators are designed for smaller loads. All portable generators are enclosed in a soundproof structure insulating the vibration and noise levels produced during operation. 

Gogopower Portable Diesel Generators: The Specifics

Power Range: 4.2kVA to 15kVA
Power Output: Single Phase 
Frequency: 50Hz, 3000rpm

Compact and easily transportable

The small size of our portable gensets means that they are the perfect solution for your truck, garage and caravan. Each generator has wheels attached to the base for easy transportation between applications.

Smart Operator

All Gogopower portable diesel generators are equipped with a simple mini controller allowing you to monitor performance during operation.

Easy Maintenance

Maintenance on the portable generator is uncomplicated. Large doors located on the side provide you easy access to perform the simple jobs.

Contact Gogopower

Everything about the portable generator screams efficiency. If you’ve been looking for a portable generator, then you can’t go past a Gogopower portable diesel generator. Call our friendly team on 1300 957 078 or email us at enquiry@gogopower.com.au for more information about our new range.