purchasing diesel generators

If you have never purchased a diesel generator before, it really can become a daunting process. Days spent doing research and figuring which diesel generator is right for you, especially with all the information out there requires lot of efforts and can become excruciating. We condensed all that information into a short list of 5 things to consider when purchasing a diesel generator.

These considerations are extremely important. If certain points are missed, you may invest a lot of time and money in a diesel genset that is not right for you. This can definitely drive up costs, especially considering how much of an investment a genset can be.

Gogopower is here to assist you in making the right choice for you or your business.


1. Sizing

The first consideration to make for your diesel genset is sizing. We have previously written about how to determine this consideration in detail. In summary, to determine the size diesel genset you need, you must determine the total Kva ratings or in other terms the load is required for your usage. Here, the right diesel generator will meet the requirements to run and operate specific applications. If the diesel genset is not the right size for the application, both overloading and underloading can substantially deteriorate the life of the diesel generator.

It is also important to take into consideration whether the diesel genset is going to be used for backup power or as a prime power source. The reason being that prime power diesel generator acts as a main source of generating power and therefore maintenance and service will occur more frequently.

Standby diesel generator  is usually turned on only when there is shortage of electricity from the main grid or in the case of blackouts. Compared to prime power source, standby diesel generators are required to be serviced only after longer intervals of time.


2. Compliance

It is very important to know the rules and regulations of your country and where you plan to use your diesel generators.

This is because different countries have different requirements and standards for diesel generators. These regulations dictate the emission standards and various restrictions a diesel genset may have in how it operates. If you purchase a diesel genset that is not compliant to these regulations, you may face severe fines. Luckily, all Gogopower gensets are compliant to Australian and European regulations.

Many also contain several electrical components that are interconnected and also operate a feedback system. Diesel generator bought from another country would be hard to be serviced because way the diesel genset is constructed will be different. This could be the colour code for electrical wirings, or even where things are placed. For most electricians, this may be a tedious process for to rewire as per the required standards.

Generally, the Australian standards requires diesel generators to be:

  1. Based on 50 Hz frequency.
  2. Fully load trialled
  3. Test Certificate and Pre-Delivery inspection.


3. Durability

Making an investment for a diesel genset means that you are likely going to utilise the generator for years to come.

This means that your diesel generator must be durable and ensure that it has the features that you may need for the length of time that you own it. Some important features to identify are the latches, locks and doors. These should be inspected and observed to see if the quality of the materials are robust and that they will not be vulnerable to extreme wear and tear.

If these parts are not robust, there could be potential hazards that you may be exposed to. Diesel generators can be dangerous if they are made with low quality parts. It is always preferred to ask for a 2-minute test run of the diesel generator to ensure all the components are well- aligned and the generator would perform as per the requirement.

Gogopower performs test run and pre-delivery inspection for all diesel generators to ensure that the customer is receiving a quality product and as per the requirements of the customer. Our parts are also industry leading and thus you can always rest assured knowing Gogopower diesel gensets are one of the most durable on the market to date.


4. Indoor / Outdoor Application

One of another key considerations while purchasing the diesel generator is regarding its placement.

If the diesel generator is being placed outdoors, regardless of whether it is in a residential or commercial area, there are certain considerations to make. For instance, the diesel genset must not placed near the main entrance or lobby of the premises, or anywhere near a common walkway. The noise and obstruction - while limited - may still be unpleasant for the occupants.

If the diesel generator is being placed indoors, there are certain parameters that the room it is placed in should be. The room should have a certain length, width and height which varies according to the generator and its kVA size rating. There must also be proper exhaust channels that ensure it does not pollute the surrounding areas or damaging the surface where it had been placed.


5. Warranty

The final thing that needs to be considered when purchasing a diesel generator is the warranty on the genset. The one pitfall that many owners face is that they do not account for wear and tear, and maintenance. Parts and accessories that are required for a diesel genset may turn out to be expensive if they are not covered under the warranty.

If you are covered by warranty, it is likely that you may receive these parts for a discounted price or even free of charge.

Additionally, it is important to know who your local representative for your Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of your diesel genset is. It is highly likely that you will need regular servicing from that representative, which will also be covered under your warranty. Services outside of warranty may deem to be very expensive, when you factor in travel costs, labour costs and parts costs on top. If you decide to ship your diesel generator to your representative, that will also be very costly.

Gogopower provides extensive warranty for all our products. It is imperative that you check with the team member you purchase your diesel generator from how long your warranty is and what it covers.