purchasing diesel generators


Our previous article touched upon 5 things to consider when purchasing diesel generators.

The article was well received, but we thought we could provide more insight on things to look out for when purchasing a diesel genset. So here are 5 more things to consider when purchasing diesel generators.

1. Do you need Hot Wire or Pre-Installed Sockets?

The first consideration is whether you need 'Hot Wire' or 'Pre-Installed Sockets' with your power generator.

Generally, generators come with a hot wire option. In this process, the wires from the neutral, ground and the live terminal are taken to the switchboard which is connected to different appliances and devices that are required to be operated once the diesel generators are turned on.

Gogopower also provide the option to their customers if they want to pre-install the sockets on their diesel generator before it gets shipped to them at their location. Customer can confirm how many sockets he would require within the diesel generator.

For instance, the 30 Kva diesel generator can produce around approximately 42 Amperes (A). The customer can confirm where he requires a 30 A outlet along with a 15 A outlet, or he requires three 15 A outlet depending on the requirement. This feature give user the access to operate devices on spot without any wiring configurations.

2. Do you need to turn your diesel genset on and off while you are away?

The next consideration is whether you may need the ability to switch your diesel generator on and off while you are away from it.

This may be because there are times where you want it to run or stop running, but you will not be within its vicinity.

Upon the request of the customers, Gogopower can install and configure an additional device within the diesel generator also known as DSE Webnet.

This application allows remote monitoring of the diesel generator and allowing the user to switch ON/ OFF their generator through the website or mobile phone application. In addition, this device enables fuel management, fault analysis, system alerts and system time-up.

This device is extremely useful for the application of farming, agriculture and industrial solution. Especially when it becomes a hassle for the user to reach the location of their diesel generator.


3. Meeting certain application requirements?

Diesel Generators plays a very important role in the mining industry.

When the engineers and technicians are out there in field, they don’t usually have a reliable source of energy to fuel their operations and machinery. This is why diesel generators are extremely suitable as a means to power their machines and provide them with electricity to run their other devices.

The general assembly of the Gogopower Diesel Generators are aligned with the Australian standards such as frequency, voltage and wiring requirements.

However, there are certain components in which Diesel Generators are required to have installed in the diesel genset in order to meet mining specifications including but not limited to:

  1. Fire Extinguisher
  2. Battery Isolator Switch
  3. Lockable RCD Switch
  4. Weather Proofing
  5. Bunded fuel tank

Depending on your application and usage of your diesel genset, there may be certain requisites that need to be included in order for your genset to be compliant to the governing codes.

If you are unsure what requirements are needed for you, feel free to ask one of our friendly staff who will let you know what you may need.

4. Do you need an Open Set or Closed Set?

Depending on what your needs are, you might need an open genset or a closed genset.

Most of our diesel generator comes within a fine selection of canopies to protect the diesel generator against the extreme weather and other pollutants in the air. Its design is much safer and secure when compared to open diesel generators. Also, the enclosed diesel generators are silent compared to the open set generators.

However, we understand our customer requirements based on their project needs. Therefore, there are customers who need open gensets for their projects, as it provides more flexibility for certain needs. This is an important consideration as it allows for you to have the generator set that best suits you.

On request we can provide customers with the open diesel generators to meet their requirements.


5. What load do I need for my Diesel Generator?

One of the key considerations should be that what is the load under which the diesel generator is going to function.

Most people have the misconception that its always safe to operate the diesel generator under the mentioned load. The science however is contrary to this assertion. Underloading can produce deteriorating effects over the period of time. When the diesel generator is being operated under its load capacity, its also known as Wet Stacking.

Wet Stacking can become unsafe for the diesel generator because unburned fuel starts to build up in the exhaust side of the engine which result in excess of carbon in the exhaust, turbo charger and the injectors which ultimately affects the life of the engine.

Therefore, its recommended to operate the diesel generator on the optimal load as per its design. This will increase the overall life and efficiency of the diesel generator.