Selection and Installation of Diesel Generator Sets

By gogopower

When selecting a diesel generator for your home or business, it's essential to determine its power and purpose. Additionally, consider the installation environment to identify the appropriate size and type of diesel generator required.

Educational institutions, hospitals, and hotels often have enclosed spaces, such as basements, where generators are installed. Homeowners, however, typically install their generators outside, leading some to opt for portable models. In contrast, boats have limited space, necessitating compact generators.

Several factors influence the choice of a diesel generator, depending on its installation location:


Installation Space

The required installation space correlates with the generator's power output. Different generators, despite having the same output power, vary in design and structure, thus occupying different amounts of space. In specific environments like boats and vehicles, a compact and lightweight generator is more suitable.


Air Circulation

Good air circulation is crucial for most diesel generators, particularly when installed outdoors, to minimize corrosiveness. Indoor installations require adequate ventilation equipment and humidity control. In high humidity environments, diesel generators need high corrosion resistance, achieved through the use of anti-corrosion materials in construction and applying anti-corrosion coatings. These coatings are essential for protecting exposed parts from chemical reactions like rust, thereby extending the machine's lifespan.


Dusty Environments

Generators used in arid or dusty areas are vulnerable to damage from rainwater or sand and dust, potentially harming the engine or other components and reducing the generator's lifespan. For such environments, a containerized generator is ideal. This design encapsulates all equipment within a container, protecting against sand, dust, and rainwater. Containerized diesel generators are also easily transportable, fitting standard shipping container sizes. They are primarily used for high-power requirements, but for low-power generators, simple protective measures can suffice.


Environmental factors are a crucial aspect to consider when choosing a diesel generator.

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