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The 48V 100% electric fuel-powered industrial sweeper is a highly robust piece of equipment, ideal for cleaning and removing dirt on urban surfaces. It can efficiently sweep and collect a variety of materials, ranging from dust to scattered debris such as paper, stones, metals, glass, plastics, or wood.

This fully enclosed sweeper operates effectively without raising dust, even on extremely dirty or dusty surfaces. It consistently moves forward without damaging the surface being swept, as only the sweeper's brushes and wheels make contact with it.

The sweeper also excels in cleaning quality, adapting its brushes to terrain irregularities and featuring a floating coupling system that easily connects to and detaches from the carrier vehicle in just a few seconds.

This equipment is highly effective for cleaning tasks in various areas, including vehicle parking spaces, loading docks, warehouses, ports, airports, and for post-construction clean-up.

Key attributes of this sweeper include:

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