solar panel system with a diesel generator

Solar power has become extremely popular amongst Aussie households. It’s an efficient and effective way to generate electricity during the day and the investment is returned quickly.

However, what happens when the weather is against you and the sun is not shining? If solar panels are your main power source for your property, you will be left with no electricity till the sun is back.

There is an easy solution to this problem.

Back up your solar panel system with a standby diesel generator for the days when the sun isn’t shining. Gogopower has a range of diesel generators that can work together with your solar panel system as a backup source to develop a hybrid power generation system that will work in all weather.

The diesel generator and solar panel of a hybrid solution setup complement each other by switching between each other, countering the uncertain nature of weather. Many people are even investing in complete, off the grid hybrid system, enabling them to disconnect from the power grid and be self-sufficient.

All Gogopower diesel generators come with a 2 wire auto start connection and battery charger to ensure that when your solar power system is no longer reliable due to bad weather, the generator will instantly start and provide electricity to your home.

How does the hybrid solar system work?

Solar panels generate electricity all day, storing it in batteries, and then supplying that stored power to your connected home. However, when the weather turns bad and the solar panels are no longer creating energy, your household starts using the power that’s been stored in the battery, and the charge level gets lower and lower.

The 2 wire auto start controller, PLC920, is connected from the Gogopower diesel generator to the off-grid solar system control panel, external to the generator. The inverter, connected to the solar panels, will detect the drop in the stored battery charge and will disconnect the circuit between the batteries and the property and close the circuit between the generator and the property.

This process will work in reverse once the batteries are fully charged by the solar panels. The inverter will disconnect the circuit between the generator and the property and connect the circuit between the batteries and the property.

Which generators are suitable for solar panel systems?

All Gogopower diesel generators are suitable for a hybrid solar system installation. Which one depends on the size of your power output and application. Whether you use a Cummins, Kubota, or PowerLink engine, or even an OEM engine generator, your solar system will have a reliable and robust backup when the sun doesn’t shine.

Other accessories for your backup system

Depending on your solar setup, you might require an Automatic Transfer Switch – a useful accessory for any commercial or home backup system.

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