Diesel Generator Series from Gogopower

Gogopower has been supporting Australians over the past five years with exceptionally reliable diesel generators. Since the beginning, we have been committed to listening to our customers and further supporting them by increasing the value of our product lines.

We are excited to introduce you to our new ranges of diesel generators, which have been upgraded and improved to incorporate new advances in technology, but most importantly, valuable feedback from our loyal customers.

Diesel Generators Powered by Kubota

OLD: DPK Series

Gogopower’s DPK series combined the always reliable Kubota engine in this range of diesel generators.

With the initials standing for Diesel Prime Kubota and ranging from 10-30kVA, this compact and reliable diesel generator came with a small fuel tank (8 -16 hours base fuel tank).

Designed to be installed on a ute or trailer for on the go power or stationery in a residential backyard, the small and quiet nature of the DPK series allowed these diesel gensets to seem invisible at times.

The DPK series diesel generator is widely used in lots of Australia residential backup application and small businesses back up application.

NEW: DTK series

Even though the DPK series has been extremely popular, one of its limitations was the size of the fuel tank.

Gogopower’s NEW DTK series was created in response to the requests of our customers for a larger fuel tank on their favorite Kubota engine diesel generator. The initials, DTK, stand for Diesel, Kubota and Large Tank and this series has an increased range from 10 – 60kVA.

The DTK series features the same quietness, fuel efficiency and compact size at the DPK series, but has been slightly increased height to fit in the larger fuel tank. Diesel generators across the range all include the Kubota engine powered diesel generator with a standard 24-hour base fuel tank.

Gogopower’s Kubota engine is a favorite among Australians and combined with the upgrade of a larger fuel tank featured in the DTK series, Gogopower will continue to provide reliable and stable power.


Diesel Generators Powered by Cummins

OLD: DPC series

Gogopower’s DPC diesel generator series combined the renowned Cummins engine. The initials, DPC, stand for Diesel Prime Cummins with a kVA range from 45 – 500kVA, DPC diesel generators are built to support construction businesses, agriculture, and small commercial businesses.

Equipped with a standard 8 – 9 hour base fuel tank, Gogopower’s DPC diesel generator are used across various industry, including s a backup application in nursing homes, construction projects and even as a backup for industrial refrigerators.

NEW: DTC series

The DPC series will soon be replaced by the NEW Gogopower DTC series.

Customers have been asking for it and we have listened. Just like the DTK series, the DTC series will feature a larger fuel tank in the heavy-duty Cummins engine powered diesel generator. The initials, DTC, stands for Diesel, Cummins and Large Tank and ranges from 27 - 500kVA.

All Gogopower Cummins powered diesel generators, up to 250kVA, will have a 24-hour base fuel tank, enabling then to support both standby and prime applications in the industrial and construction sectors, healthcare centres, agriculture and many more.


OLD: OEM Powered Diesel Generators

DTX series

Gogopower’s DTX series uses our Manufacturer’s engine so that we could provide quality diesel generators at an affordable price. The initials, DTX, stand for Diesel OEM with Large Fuel Tank and it ranges from 10 – 30kVA.

All diesel gensets in the DTX series are fully equipped with a large fuel tank (24-hour base fuel tank) and power outlets. They are small but do not compromise the space needed to easily maintain and service the diesel generator.

The DTX series are highly recommended for standby or backup applications. Because of its affordable price, many Gogopower DTX series diesel generators are being used in Australia for many home backup solutions and solar–diesel generator hybrid solutions.


NEW: PowerLink Powered Diesel Generators

DTP Series

Gogopower’s DTP series is equipped with the PowerLink diesel engine, alternator and standard 24-hour base fuel tank.

The DTP series looks very similar to the DTX series except it doesn’t have power outlets. Instead, the DTP series features the high performance PowerLink engine, making it suitable for various applications.

The performance of a DTP series diesel generator is an upgrade from the DTX series. Gogopower continually aims to provide higher performing diesel generators to the Australian market at affordable prices without compromised performance.



Providing high performing and affordable diesel generators for our loyal customers is our primary focus. We are continuously investigating ways that we can improve our products, so our customers are completely satisfied.

Our motto is Gogopower LISTENS! We act on it.

We encourage our customers to provide us with feedback so that we can continue to grow. As we said previously, we are committed to listening to our customers and Gogopower will always provide what the customer is asking for. 

If you have some feedback for us, please call us on 1300 957 078 or email enquiry@gogopower.com.au. We look forward to hearing from you