Gogopower Services: A Case Study

At Gogopower we sell the most reliable diesel generators. You probably knew that...

What you probably didn't know is that we also provide equally excellent related services. This includes providing customers with Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS), Load Bank, Spare-Parts and installation of sockets upon their request.

Like the Diesel Generators, ATS and Load Banks comes with the standard sizes. Sockets installed have different ampere ratings and usually are of 15 Amp, 30 Amp and 63 Amp.

Gogopower understand the importance of its customer priorities and therefore provide response in such manner that support customer in achieving its goals and objectives. 

Recently, one of Gogopower customer required a diesel generator to run their machinery in Sydney for one of the project related involving construction and project management. Gogopower was able to deliver the diesel generator that went above and beyond the client requirement.

The customer recently acquired a Brook 200 machine, which is a powerful demolition machine for the building surface. This machinery is powered by a 63-amp by 5 pin sockets.

However, Gogopower diesel generator mostly come with hot wire terminal option. In order to operate the required machinery, sockets of 63 Amp were installed on the Diesel Generator by a qualified service technician.

In the workshop, the service technician was prepared with the list to perform all necessary tasks to meet the requirements of the customer.

To perform this job, all the required parts such as extended cable, new 63 Ampere socket and other accessories were procured.

The process included to install the new sockets without compromising access to the hot wire terminals.

All the necessary drills were done, and the new parts were configured along with the generator.

Once the wiring was re-done, a complete Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) test was performed on the diesel generator.

Gogopower PDI include testing and running of major parts in the diesel generator including but not limited to engine, alternator, radiator and control panel.

In addition, all other parts are observed for leakages, piping and connections. Once completely assessed, the diesel generator was wrapped, and arrangements were done to deliver the diesel generator.

Not sure, what diesel generator to get? How many sockets are required? How many machines to power? Need exact range or have some expansion plans ?

The Gogopower team who can assist you with identifying the right diesel generator to meet your needs! Simply contact us!