Environmental factors impact diesel genset selection

When purchasing a diesel generator for your home or business, you need to think about where you will install it. Will it be outside or will it be in an enclosed space?

After determining the power and purpose of the diesel generator you need, the installation environment also has certain factors that can influence the size of and type of diesel generator you need.

Buildings such as schools, hospitals, hotels, etc. have enclosed indoor spaces like basements where generators are installed. Whilst homeowners often choose to install their generator outside which may lead to canopy and portable generators. Ships, on the other hand, have restricted space so they would need something compact.

Depending on where the diesel generator is going to be installed, the following factors are usually considered when choosing a genset.

Space required for installation

The higher the power output, the larger the installation space required. When the installation space is determined, different generators have different designs and structures, and the same power output will occupy different space. 

In a specific environment, such as ships and vehicles, a compact and lightweight generator would be the most suitable choice. 

Air circulation

Most diesel generators are installed in open areas with good air circulation reducing corrosiveness to the generator. Even when installed indoors, buildings have good ventilation equipment and maintain steady air humidity.

In environments with high humidity, diesel generators require a high corrosion resistance. To achieve this, a combination of anti-corrosion materials are used in construction and an anti-corrosion coating is applied. 

The anti-corrosion coating plays the most important role. Exposed parts are protected from chemical reactions such as oxidation on the surface of the machine. Therefore when selecting a generator set for a humid or corrosive environment, pay attention to the main unit components and the coating process used to extend the service life of the machine.

Dusty environments

In arid or dusty field projects, open airframes or simple protection models can easily be susceptible to rainwater damage or sand and dust friction resulting in damage to the engine or individual components and shortening the service life of the generator. 

Based on this environment, the best choice of generator set a containerised generator. The containerised design of this style of diesel generator means that all equipment is self-contained, preventing the infiltration of sand, dust and rainwater. Containerised diesel generators are also east to transport as they are available in the standard sizes of shipping containers. Suitable for most environments, the containerised generator is mainly used for high-power requirements. For low-power generators, simple protection methods can also block sand.

The environmental factors that can influence the type of diesel generator best for you is diverse. We have only discussed the most common factors.

Have special requirements?

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