Which Diesel Generator Is Best For You


Diesel generators are very versatile and are able to be utilised in a variety of applications. Since there are so many different types of diesel generators, it may be difficult to decide which diesel generator is best for you. In order to identify which is the most suitable Gogopower diesel generator for you, you will need to know what you will be using the diesel generator for.

This is determined by looking at which application, and which usage type or industry you are using it for.

There are two types of applications diesel generators are typically used for: prime application, and standby application.

There are numerous usage types or industries that diesel generators can be used for, but typically they are used for: residential, commercial, farming & agriculture, construction, and industrial manufacturing.

You will be able to determine the most suitable Gogopower diesel generator for you after you decide what application and industry you need the diesel generator for.

You may even need to decide the size of the diesel generator needed as well. We have written a guide on how to decide the size as well, which will help you decide the size of the diesel generator you may need.

Let's get started on which diesel generator you should choose:


Application of Diesel Generator

As previously mentioned, there are two types of applications that diesel generators are used: Prime Application and Standby Application.

Prime Application

Prime Application is defined simply as when your diesel generator is the primary or main source of power. This typically means that the diesel generator is used to run for daily, weekly or monthly basis. Each usage is generally planned for 3 – 4 hours continuously.

Prime Application is generally utilised when the diesel generator is needed to power a work site, tools or even your business. This means that it is paramount that the power source is stable, as it is the primary source of power. If Prime Application is needed, this will narrow down which diesel generator you should purchase to the Premium range. If you are unsure whether the application of your diesel generator is Prime, feel free to give us a call on 1300 957 078 so we can assist you.


Standby Application

Standby Application refers to when the diesel generator is planned to be used only on occasion. Standby Application is used in circumstances where the main power source becomes unavailable or breaks down, and in various emergency situations. This means that the expected utilisation of Standby Application is anywhere from once every 3 months to once a year.

The diesel generator would be hardly used, as it will only be used in times of need. When the time does come, you would expect the diesel generator to be quick to switch on and run as smoothly as possible - ensuring you are protected from the power failure of the mains power supply. If you can determine that your needs are Standby Application, this will help you tremendously to decide which diesel generator you need.


Usage Type / Industry


Residential usage is likely to be the most relevant type for many of our readers. Residential usage refers to when the diesel generator is used to assist in the powering of a residential dwelling or home.

If the diesel generator is going to be used in a residential dwelling, it will be highly likely require a diesel generator designed for standby application. As a consequence, the most cost-effective and best choice for residential usage is Gogopower’s Economic diesel generator. These generators are would not require the diesel generator to operate in harsh conditions.

They are also priced very reasonably for consumers to purchase. Since residential usage is mostly standby application, it is in your best interest to not spend on the top of the line generators since they won't be relied upon often, and thus would be more than what is needed. Economic diesel generators are more than adequate and reliable for residential purposes.

However, this may alter should you require a quiet diesel generators. Depending on the layout of your residential dwelling, you may require a diesel generator that does not cause a lot of noise pollution for your neighbours. It may even need to be pursuant to the Australia Electrical Installation-Generating sets standard. This would then mean that you will require a Gogopower Premium diesel generator as it would have better soundproofing and generate less sound.

With that said, most residential dwellings leave their diesel generator in the garage or an area away from the dwelling itself. This means there is little to no need for a quiet generator since the generator will be insulated from the residents. If you do not have sound requirements, it would not be cost-effective to purchase a Premium diesel generator.



Commercial usage refers to any larger scale commercial use, such as businesses, small factories, retail stores, hospitals, or schools. Commercial usage typically requires stable power from the grid, similar to residential usage. This means that a diesel power generator will be needed to provide stand-by power should the main grid fail.

We would recommend that a Gogopower Premium diesel generator is used even though it is standby application. This is because commercial usage conventionally requires the diesel generator to operate quietly. Premium diesel generators are more quiet and adept to keep customers happy, to not disturb neighbours, or high power usage needs when main power failure occurs. Which diesel generator you choose could affect the sound environment of your commercial space, and affect productivity as well.

A Premium 3 phase 15kva diesel generator will produce a sound level of 59dB(A) whereas an Economic diesel generator will produce sound level of 65dB(A). The difference can be significant, especially if it needs to comply with the Australia Electrical Installation-Generating sets standard.

Farming / Agriculture / Construction/ Industrial

These industries and use cases all have similar requirements for diesel generators.

Generally, these industries are heavily reliant on their diesel power generators, and are more often used for prime application. Naturally, a Premium diesel generator would suitable for these use cases since they are required to be operating more frequently and for a longer period of time. Premium diesel generators are also more fuel efficient and thus would allow owners to save more on fuel costs in the long term. As previously stated, they also generate less sound.

If the diesel generator is used for standby application, it would take a long time for the fuel savings to offset the higher cost of a Premium diesel generator over an Economic diesel generator. Customers will be better off if they purchase an Economic diesel generator if they are using it for standby application and there is no sound requirements.

Which diesel generator you use for these industries will depend on your need.


Which Diesel Generator: Premium vs Economic

Now you know the respective uses of Premium diesel generators and Economic diesel generators. There are however differences in the two that maybe useful to know when deciding which diesel generator to purchase.

Gogopower diesel generators are categorised as either Premium and Economic. Premium diesel generator are made with premium engines and parts while Economic diesel generators are assembled with the manufacturers’ brand. That's not to say that Economic diesel generators are unreliable. They are still very reliable. The difference is akin to Lexus and Toyota, with the Premium diesel generators having more luxuries that may be sought out in a diesel generator.

Gogopower’s Premium diesel generators are assembled with parts from world renowned brand such as Cummins, Kubota, Stamford and Mecc Alte. This means that the diesel generators and their parts are backed by the brand equity of world renowned brands, emit low sound level, have low fuel consumption, and the maintenance parts can be sourced easily. Many diesel generator mechanics in Australia are well versed with these major brands.

On the other hand, Gogopower’s Economic diesel generator are assembled with a Potise OEM engine and alternator. You are not paying a price premium for a brand, but you have parts that are just as good (and arguably better). These generators just lack the low sound emissions, and low fuel consumptions. They are very reasonably priced, and will excel in providing and catering to standby application needs. If you need reliable power without the bells and whistles, then the Economic diesel generator is your best bet.

Which diesel generator you choose will depend on your needs and budget. Premium diesel generators are not necessarily better than Economic diesel generators.


Knowing which diesel generator is right for you is a personal choice depending on your application and usage. Your application and usage will dictate whether you require a Premium or Economic diesel generator. Both the Premium and Economic diesel generator have their advantages and disadvantages - Premium diesel generators are not necessarily better than an Economic diesel generator. Both types of products are of equal quality and reliability.

The main purpose of a diesel generator is to provide power and by identifying the application of the diesel generator, consumer will be able to choose the right Gogopower diesel generator for the right application.

If you are still unsure, feel free to enquire with our friendly staff or contact us at 1300 957 078 to speak with our sales team for information tailored for your needs.