Nass Services - Sydney, NSW

This week's customer showcase is Nass Services.

Nass is a fully licenced, expert demolition contractor in Sydney, offering detailed demolition work, concrete coring and sawing, Brokk remote-controlled demolition robot operation and labour hire services.

Their services include General Demolition Contractors, Labour Hire and Equipment Hire, Concrete Coring & Sawing and Brokk Remote-Controlled demolition robot and operators for detailed or particularly dangerous demolitions projects.

Nass' requirements from Gogopower were extremely unique.

Nass requested 7 sockets for their Diesel Generator Set. This was because they needed to operate their special BROKK machine. A BROKK machine is a remote controlled demolition machine - mostly used for tough and dangerous demolition projects.

This highlights the versatility of diesel generators provided by Gogopower. Our gensets are able to power even the most specialised machinery and use cases. If you have a custom application of diesel generators, feel free to get in touch and we will help!