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Diesel generators, like any complex machinery, carry many risks and safety hazards. Knowing how to mitigate the risks and hazards when operating your diesel generator set will save you a lot of headaches. Here's how you can mitigate five common risks that can occur when using a diesel generator:

1. Towing risks

Towing a diesel generator can cause injury to people or damage the diesel generator set if you are not prepared and do not take proper care. Not only the operator of the diesel generator can be injured, but also other people nearby. When towing a diesel generator, it is important to be diligent before towing it. Additionally, the taillights should be checked to ensure that the brake and oil indicator lights are working properly. The taillight cable should be raised off the ground when not in use. The driver towing the diesel generator must also ensure that the brake cables are properly adjusted to the load.

2. Possible burns or electric shocks

Power generators are generally safe to operate. However, improper use can cause dangerous results, such as burns or electric shock. You must remember that power generators generate a lot of energy and therefore can cause damage. Caution must be taken. There are three things to keep in mind when operating diesel generators to ensure your safety. The first is to ensure that a barrier is erected so that people who may not know what diesel generators are or how they work do not approach one and get hurt. Ideally, they should be away from work areas and areas where there are many children. Secondly, it is essential to always turn off your diesel generator before performing any inspection or adjustment on it. This will dramatically reduce any risk of burns and electric shock since there is no power. Lastly, always use a ground stake whenever possible. This will ground the machine against any unexpected electrical shock.

3. Fuel leaks causing fire or slip hazards

Any fuel leak can lead to potential fires or slips by unsuspecting passersby. The best way to mitigate this risk is to educate operators and place signs around the diesel generator. Education and signage should notify operators to check the machine daily for fuel and oil leaks. It should also be common practice for operators to turn off the diesel engine before refueling and ensure the fuel cap is replaced. Operators can also ensure that fuel storage is safe and well away from the generator set itself and any hot areas. It may be a good idea for operators to also check the ground surrounding the diesel generator daily and quickly clean up any spills. When around any diesel generator, be sure to wear sturdy footwear and take care to avoid slipping and tripping.

4. Hot engine burns

Although it is unlikely that a Gogopower diesel generator could cause burns simply by being hot, it is essential to mitigate this risk. When near a diesel generator, it is essential that the generator operator remains alert while operating the machine. There should be no loose clothing near the generator. Carelessness can cause damage due to the complexity of the machine. It may be beneficial for the diesel generator operator to wear gloves when touching the machine or making adjustments to the engine.

5. Excessive noise

Operators must have processes in place to verify the noise levels of each diesel generator when it is in use. Here you can determine whether acoustic treatment of the diesel generator or the room in which the diesel generator is located is necessary. For diesel generators that generate loud noises when under load, it is important that people near the generator be aware.

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