Choose Your Gas Power Solution

When it comes to gas generator sets or gas cogeneration units, the first thing many customers will consider is the technical and economic feasibility.

Usually, gas gensets can be combined with renewable energy or battery storage equipment, which can improve the efficiency and flexibility of the entire system.

To find cost-effective, technically reliable, and greener power generation solutions, we recommend you consider the following important factors when selecting power generation equipment:

  • Installation cost. A gas generator set solution provides a very competitive installation cost, and the unit kilowatt project occupies a limited area, which is very cost-effective.
  • Is the unit Economical and efficient? The total efficiency of the solution directly affects the economics of the project, you need to determine how much gaseous fuel your power plant will consume. Typically, 75% of energy production costs are fuel costs, so efficiency is very important, and a gas-fired internal combustion generator set is highly efficient, and the PowerLink generator set has a very high-value power generation efficiency of more than 45%. A cogeneration unit, which provides combined heat and power solutions, is adopted to effectively convert the primary energy of gas fuel into electrical energy and heat energy, and the total efficiency can reach 80 % – 90%.
  • Manufacturing and commissioning time. PowerLink gas internal combustion generator sets usually take 3 to 6 months from production to delivery plus construction and commissioning time, however if a requested unit is in stock, the delivery cycle will be shorter.
  • Highly integrated modular structure, plug and play. The power generation equipment must be safely delivered to the installation site and a modular structure makes the project installation and transportation easier, and the commissioning is simpler and faster also.
  • Another very important factor in determining the choice of power generation equipment is the operational expenditure of the genset itself. You should consider: professional after-sales service, spare parts support service, maintenance intervals, downtime during repairs, and the entire operating cycle of the equipment before overhaul. Based on long-term experience, we offer years of continuous service for PowerLink generator sets, which will help reduce the need for spare parts and allow service times to be predicted in advance, reducing operating costs throughout the life of the engine.
  • Help you choose the most suitable gas generation unit through the load analysis of the project. Gogopower's extensive line of gas engines (0. 01 to 2 MW) can satisfy you with the right gas generator
  • The surrounding environmental conditions will affect the actual power output capability of the gas generators. In some cases, your power output may be much lower than the rated power. Be aware of this factor if your application happens at high temperatures and/or at altitudes significantly above sea level.