Converting kVA to Amps (A)

Buying a diesel generator can be a complex process. Converting kVA to Amps (A) adds a level of unnecessary complexity when the basic requirements are not known. This is why Gogopower has made the chart below to assist you in converting kVA to Amps (A) so that you can make an informed choice in order to know which Diesel Generator is right for you.

One of the most question that customers go through while buying the diesel generator is, how to find out how much load appliances require and finding out the optimum diesel generator to meet the require demand and needs.

In order to calculate the load, the following need to be identified:

  1. Power information of all the devices that are being planned to be operated by the diesel generator.
  2. Note down all the amperes being consumed by the appliances.
  3. Add the total amperes in order to match from the following table that which diesel generator will best meet the requirements.
  4. Note: The running and starting power are both need to be known. It is required to ensure that the calculations should be based on starting power when buying a diesel generator. It is because starting power is usually 3-4 times of the running power.

Disclaimer: Above calculations are based on general estimation only. Gogopower recommends customers for the complete analysis to be performed by an electrician for precise results.

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