generator for your camping adventure

Lockdowns across the country have dampened the spirit of camping. Winter is over and spring is coming. With restrictions starting to be lifted for some areas, exploring and camping across our great country is set to make a comeback.

Have you thought about what you will need on your next Aussie adventure? There’s the tent or caravan, camp kitchen, torch and the essentials… but what about the portable generator to power the appliances?

There are various types of generators available in the market, but it can be difficult to choose the right one. That’s why we’ve created this quick guide to help you purchase the right generator for the road.

There are many things to consider when choosing the right generator:

  • Fuel: Petrol vs Diesel
  • Sound level
  • Running time and frequency
  • Serviceability

Fuel: Petrol vs Diesel

When choosing a generator for camping, apart from being portable and compact, you will need to decide between a diesel air-cooled generator or a petrol-powered generator.

You need to consider the availability and the price of the petrol and diesel in the location you are travelling. Diesel is often easier to find in the outskirts and the country towns. Petrol is also easy to find, however, the large road trains that cross our country are diesel powered.

Also, whilst diesel air-cooled generators are often compact and portable, they tend to be heavier than petrol generators. Make sure you factor in the size and weight of a generator so that it will fit with your camping essentials.

Sound level

The sound level of a generator is a major concern amongst campers. Part of the appeal of camping is escaping the bustle of the city and heading for the peace and quiet of nature. A noisy generator can end the romance of camping. That’s why it’s important to keep the sound level of any generator you are considering in mind.

When travelling in the great outdoors, you want to avoid sound pollution and prevent upsetting other campers. With this in mind, you should look for generators with a decibel rating close to 60dB(A) or lower. Remember, when checking the sound level in a genset’s spec sheets, all sound levels are rated at 7m with a quarter of the load added. The sound level will increase when additional load is added.

Generator running time

You would need to consider how you will be using your generator. If it is solely for emergencies, you are probably fine with just a small portable generator. The smaller the size, the lower the fuel capacity resulting in shorter running hours. However, if you need it to power stoves, fan and larger equipment, you will likely require a larger portable generator.


Keeping your portable genset in tip top condition will help extend its service life. Your portable generator needs to be serviced every 500 hours at a minimum or every year. Therefore, it is important for a portable generator to have sufficient space and access doors for service to be carried out as well.

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