DT20K5S, 22kVA Diesel Generator 415V, 3 Phase: Powered by Kubota

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Gogopower's 22kVA diesel generator is a robust unit powered by Kubota engine ensuring the most stable electricity with the most optimum performance for stationary and prime power applications. It is a fully enclosed unit with a very compact design and water cooled. Diesel generator is able to run in Australian weather conditions perfectly. It comes with a quiet fully enclosed sound proof enclosure, remote start capable and automatic transfer switch plug.

This 22kVA diesel generator can be connected to three phase appliances to the one generator-suitable for 415V appliances.

This diesel generator is mainly for smaller loads that can be located in industrial sites to power tools, commercial, agriculture and construction sites or act as a backup diesel generator for residentials.

Gogopower's range of Kubota Powered Diesel Generators provide heavy duty and reliable power for a range of residential applications and are backed by a generator of 12 months/ 1000 hours for prime application or 24 months/ 500 hours warranty whichever comes first.

Key Features

  • Product Model: DT20K5S
  • Kubota engine: V2203-BG
  • Brushless alternator
  • PLC-920/ DSE4510 2 Wire Remote Start Control
  • 125A Schneider Main Circuit Breaker
  • Prime Power: 20kVA/ 16KW
  • Standby Power: 22kVA/ 18KW
  • Voltage/ Ampere: 415V/ 83A
  • 3 Phase
  • 50Hz/ 1500 RPM
  • Dimensions: 1650*700*960 mm
  • Dry Weight: 830kg
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 100L
  • Fuel Consumption (at 100% load capacity): 5.5L/ hour
  • Base fuel tank: 25 hours @100% load capacity
  • Sockets: Not included, can be installed if required

Safety Features

  • Oil Pressure Level
  • Fuel Level
  • Coolant Level
  • Coolant Temperature Level
  • Emergency Stop Switch
  • Battery Isolator
  • ATS (automatic transfer switch) receptacle

Optional Extras

  • Automatic Transfer Switches- to be connected to the diesel generator and the switchboard which will allow for automatic switching from your mains power supply to your back up diesel generator supply when mains power fails.
  • Service Kit- contains all parts needed for scheduled servicing. Please refer to our maintenance page for the maintenance schedule interval. Gogopower has service kit for 250 hours service or the whole package of 2000 hours service kit.

Be rest assured with Gogopower's Kubota Powered Diesel Generator during the warranty period. We offer Australia wide support on all our Gogopower diesel generators with service contractors nationwide.

  • Prime application: 1000 hours or 12 months. Whichever comes first.
  • Standby application: 500 hours or 24 months. Whichever comes first.

We can ship direct to you Australia wide. Alternatively, it can be pick up from either our Smithfield warehouse in NSW or Kenwick warehouse in WA.

Contact Us
It is the utmost importance to ensure you have selected the right diesel generator size for your requirement. If you have any questions or require any assistance, do contact us on 1300 957 078 or email us at enquiry@gogopower.com.au

Package contain

  • Generator
  • Documentation, ie: certificate of authenticity, test report, operational manual and wiring diagram

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